Ivor Rehomed!

I dropped Ivor off at his new forever home yesterday. And I don’t think he’ll need a trial period in this one! Leslie’s place is wonderful for cats – lots of sunshiney spaces, including window sills with wee stairs for cats with only three legs! And the only other animal companions are tiny pigmy hedgehogs – too small for Ivor to feel threatened by and well able to look after their spikey selves if he does make any aggressive moves.

Ivor checked out Leslie and her (now his) house and settled in within seconds. Didn’t take him long to find the catnip toy … and then he had no more use for me *sigh*

I was delighted to meet Leslie – she’s gonna provide a great home for himself. And I’ve never seen pygmy hedgehogs before, so was delighted to meet two of the sleepy boys, one an albino (see his pic in Ivor’s image gallery). The third, a female, had just given birth the night before so we didn’t disturb her and her babies.

Big thanks to Leslie! And good luck to Ivor in his new home.

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