Food & Drink

This pic best shows how skinny Bruce was when he arrived at mine. He’d already been groomed so I can’t show you the extent of the matting he originally arrived with. For the first day or so I fed him little and often – he’d have eaten until he was sick otherwise. But soon enough he stopped eating when he’d had enough, so he moved on to having food left down all the time. Then he could eat his fill – and he put on weight quick enough, now a fine figure of a dog. This suggests he probably wasn’t starving for too long – I’d have expected the weight to take longer to return otherwise. He’s still getting food whenever he asks for it here, but is really a good weight and can easily move on to one or two meals a day.

Bruce does seem to drink an awful lot – more than 4 dog bowls of water a day. So the vet did a few checks but it seems there’s nothing wrong with Bruce – he’s just more thirsty than most!

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