Dodger was dumped outside a school on the Beara Peninsula at the age of around 7-8 weeks in Nov 2005. His right eye was an empty, weeping socket. He was seen by loads of people but nobody paid him any attention for two days and he was on his own for that time.

Emma, a local animal rescuer, found him by chance when she visited the school and she brought him to me. His eye had been damaged in some form of accident – entirely possible someone intentionally hurt him. Certainly no one treated or cared for him. He was absolutely terrified – shaking with fear and extremely wary of people.

But he wasn’t the slightest bit scared of the other animals and Duchess, one of the permanent residents here (pictured with him above), adopted both him and Yoda. She and Dodger got on particulary well and I was extremely tempted to keep him. But he and Yoda bonded strongly and I couldn’t bear to part them.

Dodger’s right eye was cleaned and sewn closed to prevent further infection, and Dodger played on, seemingly unaffected by his ordeal.

The Artful Dodger (Dodger for short) was named for his independent, streetwise demeanor – the street kid with a heart of gold, needing lots of love.

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