Towards the end of 2012, Maureen from Feral Cats Ireland got in touch to give me the heads up about an exciting new TNR project being set up by Done Deal Animal Foundation (DDAF). They wanted to inspire TNR projects throughout Ireland by raising awareness through advertising, information provision and workshops, and by providing equipment to groups that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. They invited me to host workshops around the country. And I accepted with delight!

In the process of discussion we named the project ‘CATalyst – Community Action Trapping’ – a catalyst for community action trapping and TNR generally in Ireland. As part of my input I sat down to produce a variety of documentation and information leaflets for the project including CATalyst’s Vet Pack and TNR Manual for Ireland. And these webpages were born as a result – providing a location for the documentation as it progressed and allowing input, corrections and updates from DDAF and Feral Cats Ireland. It’s final resting place will be Feral Cats Ireland’s web pages, but Animal Advocacy will keep our own version on here for posterity *cheesy grin*

While these pages have started with a focus on the TNR Manual and it’s associated information sheets, we’re also using it to share our Fostering stories, our TNR experiences, our UK Trip information and all the other activities we get up to. In time we hope to provide you with all the information you could wish for on the TNR and animal welfare generally that we participate in.

We hope you enjoy!

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