Asparagus Update

Note: Some of these photos may be distressing.

You might remember Gus came to me on the 20th Feb emaciated, mangy and coughing. He’d been pulled from Cavan pound and we didn’t know if he was a surrender, a cruelty case or a stray. He was a mess. He’s looking a lot better now! His mange was the stress-related kind (not infectious) and may return if he’s stressed – but then again it might not – it may just have been the severe stress he was under. Only time will tell. Anyway, the mange is mostly cleared up and his fur is growing back.

He’s at the normal body weight he should be. He’s full of beans (needing a bit of training, lol). But he’s still got a bit of a cough and we’re not sure why. So anyone adopting him needs to know he’s a special case that needs looking after. But he’s the most adorable pup and is well worth it!

So here’s a few photos of his progress to date. Anyone interested in giving this lovely lad a home do get in touch!!! He’s not yet one, neutered, loves people, cats and other dogs, very quick to train, bright, loving and fun.

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