by Jennifer Carroll & me

Einstein was found running around loose in Bantry Supervalu in June/July 2008, allegedly having found his own way in from the main road – more likely dumped there by someone. Liam, one of the staff was told by the duty manager to take him outside and let him go – ‘He’ll find his own way home’ … Ah, no; he’d have been more likely to find his way under the nearest car wheel.

So Liam, with some initiative, decided not to dump the kitten on the main road. Instead, he took Einstein first to Bantry House of Pets, the pet shop, where Mandy suggested we’d be able to help. So Liam arrived on the vet’s doorstep and handed the bedraggled kitten to Jenni. On this particluar day Jenni happened to be having a very exasperating time of it and this was the icing on the cake.

Einstein was promptly placed in the vet’s bathroom and Jenni called Muriel to come and collect him. He was skanky to say the least – his fur was not the luscious black of health it could have been, but the coffee brown of malnourishment and lack of care. We figured he was around eight to ten weeks old, checked him over and found he’d some discharge from his nose and dirty ears. He was delighted to get any attention and wouldn’t sit still for a minute in his excitement. Despite his run down appearance he was a solid, energetic puss.

So we wormed and defleaed him, cleaned his ears and put him on an antibiotic for his mild flu. He spent a night or so at Muriel’s, during which time he exhibited the distinct aspect of a mad scientist. He was full of beans, and curious and analytical about everything he came across. The name Einstein seemed to fit.

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