Okay, so everything’s mayhem at work (West Cork Music – Chamber Festival in progress, Literary Festival in a coupla weeks, Masters of Tradition bookings just opened – words can’t express!) and the phone goes. Nothing unusual in that. But it’s not someone looking for tickets, it’s Hannah at the vets. She’s covering for Jennifer, who’s having a much deserved day off. Jennifer is a mainstay at RAWR and is the one who gets called when an animal is in trouble.

And there’s a kitten in trouble! Hannah would normally be able to help out, but she’s covering for Jen. I’d normally be able to help out – but we’re run off our feet at work for the next few weeks. Bless my co-workers at West Cork Music – they were okay with taking on the extra load for a half hour while I went kitten hunting.

Mary, from Skibbereen, and Niall, I think from Cork, were visiting separately at Bantry hospital. They’d returned to their cars around the same time … and heard a kitten wailing. Where was the wee thing??? Under Niall’s car somewhere!!! But where? No sign. And the car’s pretty close to the ground, making searching under it tricky to say the least.

I popped round to Hannah to get a cat carrier. And she sent me out with a brave wee kitteh rescuer (who doesn’t have a name yet – how bout Mr Fantastic?) who she thought might draw the other kitten out.

So me and Mr Fantastic arrived at the hospital carpark to hear plaintive miaows coming from under Niall’s car. Niall and Mary were fab – it’s great to meet people prepared to take the time to do the right thing. I dived under the car, posh work skirt and midlife crisis boots notwithstanding, and couldn’t see kitten anywhere. I could HEAR him. But not a sign.

Niall cranked the car up on my jack. And then he saw a wee, mucky black tail sticking out above the exhaust. Yay! We found him!

But he was jammed in place. There wasn’t space to pull him out of the exhaust end – and I just couldn’t get his scruff, the way he was sitting, from the other end. I’d normally take a wee bit more time, tempt the wee fella out with some cat food, or Mr Fantastic. But I really, really had to get back to work. Srsly!

So we popped a wee bit of food at the end we wanted him, and gave him a gentle poke with a stick. And – double yay – I got him. He wasn’t too happy about it – a bit wriggly. But we got him for his own good! Mary took him from me and gave him a wee comfort and cuddle. And then we popped him in the cat basket, with his new pal Mr Fantastic, and took him back to Hannah and safety.

He’s mucky as anything from the underside of the car (as was I), but seems healthy otherwise. Fachtna, the vet, will check him over tomorrow to be sure. Corollo (he was under a Toyota Corolla and Hannah said I could name him :D) is around 9 or 10 weeks old. And he’ll be looking for his forever home as soon as he’s cleaned up a bit, health checked, neutered, treated for parasites and vaccinated.

Mr Fantastic was also found in a car, this time in Glengarriff and in an even more dangerous place – the engine. He’d burns as a result of his unintended journey and lost most of one ear – lucky to be alive! But he really doesn’t care and is a super-friendly lad, desperate to meet a human to love. You can see pics of him when he first arrived with RAWR here (FB).

The two boys will no doubt end up best of friends! Get in touch with RAWR if you think you could find a place in your home and heart for both or either of this gorgeous pair.


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