Cool Paw Luke

Lil fiesty fella turned up in my garden, feeling peckish but not particularly friendly, today. It’s market day, and I’m always suspicious when stray companions appear on market day – it’s a prime day for people to dump the living creatures they’re supposed to be caring for. But it’s feasible the wee guy is a local feral and there’s an unneutered female around somewhere – who will need to be trapped and neutered. I haven’t seen any new cats around, but they tend to avoid my place recently since I’ve eight resident cats in charge of the territory.

So, I come home, look out the french windows and … there he is, tucking into the dry food I leave out for strays (so I can spot em, trap em, neuter em and release em). As soon as he sees me he’s off. No sign. So I baited and set a coupla traps. And sat back and waited. Didn’t take long. There he is in the trap. And he’s LIVID. How DARE I inconvenience him this way???

So I inconvenienced him further by popping him in the car and taking him down to Jen at Fachtna Collins vets. Fachtna will check Cool Paw out for any health problems, treat him for parasites, neuter and vaccinate him. He’s around 3 or 4 months old, fluffy and furious. The kitten, not Fachtna!

In fact, Luke is so furious we’re not quite sure if he’s feral or just really annoyed at the inconveniences we’re putting him through. If he gets friendly we’ll assume he’s dumped and try to rehome him. If he remains incandescent we’ll assume he’s local and I’ll release him in my back garden and let him get on with his life. There’s far too many kittens looking for homes and, if he’s feral, the human-free life is what he’s used to and how he’ll live happiest.

He’ll get food outside my back door, and I’ll keep an eye out for him and trap him again if he shows any signs of illness. That’s what Trap Neuter Return is all about – controlling the feline overpopulation problem and giving cats the best lives we can.

Jen’s also with RAWR. You might remember she took in Corollo the other day. Well, Corollo’s been joined by another friend – a most beautimous grey guy, and seems to have cleaned up a bit. The pair of them were most concerned at the racket Luke was making, so I couldn’t resist taking a few pics. They’ll be looking for their new homes soon, so get in touch with RAWR if you’re interested. We’ll keep ye posted on what’s going to happen to Cool Paw.

Here’s a wee video introducing Cool Paw Luke’s annoyance at being caged.


And, of course, we’ve a few photos – including a cleaned up Corollo. And his gorgeous new pal.


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  1. Goodness, that was one unhappy chappy, most definitely.
    “Incandescent” sums him up perfectly.
    If only there was an easy way to convey ‘Fella, we have your best interests at heart’.
    Well done, again, Muriell.

    • A very self-possessed lil fella – and totally adorable, despite the fury. To be honest, I think even if I could convey the best intentions he’d just go ‘I DON’T CARE!!! LET ME OUTTA HERE!!!’ lol.

      Nice to hear from ye Joe! Hope all’s well with you and yours.

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