Bray & Barley

*** Bray Rehomed ***

I’m afraid these pictures are a bit dull – I really need to get a new camera!!! But the kittens depicted are far from dull – check em out!

Bray and his auntie Barley were rescued from a hoarder in the UK, along with other members of their family. I’m afraid they can’t speak Irish 🙁 But they communicate beautifully and are the softest most beautimous young adults you could ask for, with very unusual caramel colouring.

They had flu and eye infections when they came to me. They both still have a slightly weepy eye (each, lol). That may clear up with time or they may have recurring problems that need treatment – so they need an understanding and sympathetic home. They’ll make it worth it, I can tell you!

Bray (left in the picture) is a caramel and white male, just under a year old. Barley, his auntie, (right) is a short-haired, pure caramel female, around 2 years. Both are neutered and vaccinated (standard vaccine and FeLV). Both are lovely, affectionate, playful felines.

Bray & Barley would like to be homed together or to a house that already has felines. They seem to be okay with dogs. They’ve always lived indoors till now, but I’m sure they’d like to experience the outdoors.

Do get in touch with me if you’d like to give a home to one of these beautimous felines!

*** Quilty & Fanora, also in the gallery, have been rehomed ***

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