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Update 2/10

BraveheartNo-one came forward to claim the lil black panther found near Drimoleague so, now named Braveheart for the brave wee boy he is, said kitteh is looking for his forever home.

Braveheart is around five or six months old, he’s playful, silky soft, nuzzlicious and dying to meet YOU. You just need to scroll through the pics to see what a lush babe he is. He settled in with the other fosterees with delight – he obviously loves other cat company, so he’d like to be homed with other companion animals.

Braveheart is health checked (a fine, healthy puss), neutered, vaccinated and treated for parasites.

If you’d like to know more about and/or meet Braveheart, message me here or call me on 085 219 6229.

Update 20/09

Meet Braveheart, a lush, playful, snorgalicious wee black boy who’s looking for his forever home.

Braveheart somehow found his way to a couple of remote houses, just outside Drimoleague in West Cork. The two families heard him miaowing but couldn’t get near him. He was easily trapped and turned into the most adorable puss as soon as he was settled in rescue. He’s in lovely condition and his background is a mystery.

Braveheart is neutered, treated for parasites and is due his booster vaccination in a couple of weeks. He’s super-friendly and doralicious.

If you’d like to meet him, contact me here, or on 085 219 6229. He’s love to meet you!

Original Post

Just trapped this wee one not far from Drimoleague. S/he appeared in the area a few days ago and has been hiding under a car and miaowing till food arrives – and then running away. Now I’ve got close s/he’s an absolute sweetheart. The locals think s/he was dumped  I’d doubt the wee one travelled in a car without anyone knowing – MIAOWed the whole way home – I’m hard of hearing and I couldn’t miss it. But there’s nowhere apparent locally s/he could have come from.

A bit antsy, I don’t want to upset the wee thing so not sure of gender yet. In very good condition for a dumped baby. Maybe someone is missing him/her? Proof of guardianship would be required if so.

Prob around 5 or 6 months – I’m not sure. Will be in to vet on Monday for all the usual – microchip check; health check; neuter if needed; first vaccination; parasite treatment. Then will be looking for a home if unclaimed (not expecting a claim due to the circumstances, but you never know).



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