Anyone Recognise This Guy?


Gorgeous lil tabby guy turned up at my back door today. He’s in pretty good nick; maybe a bit thin, but not overly so; around 7 or 8 months, maybe a bit older; fairly friendly, if a bit wary; not neutered, so far.

He’s no collar and isn’t microchipped and, to be honest, I’m assuming someone’s dumped him at mine – he’s that kind of age where they’re just realising he’s growing up and isn’t going to stay the cute lil kitten they unthinkingly got five months ago.

But there’s always a chance he’s stray from around Bantry somewhere, though I’d expect a collar and/or microchip – and there’s no sign he’s worn and lost a collar recently. Could you *share* locally just in case? Thanks!

He’s getting neutered tomorrow. If I don’t hear anything back that he belongs to anyone he’ll be looking for his forever home. I’ll keep ye posted!

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