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Why Do Felines Emigrate to the UK?

I’ve been taking Irish rescue kittens to the UK since 2007 for different rescue organisations including RAWR, SNIP and Cork CAT. I’m often asked why the kittens pack up their tiny suitcases and travel to find homes. So I thought I’d let you know!

The following pages (see links to right or bottom of page) explain the relative overpopulation problems of felines in Ireland and the UK, the costs and savings of the trips and the rehoming options both sides of the water.

I hope I’ve shown why rehoming in the UK, while not preferable, is a good exercise on a number of levels. If you’ve any further queries about it, don’t hesitate to ask!


If you are a charity based along my route (from Bantry via Cork to Rosslaire) and are interested in rehoming your rescue felines in the UK do get in touch with me! New Start require that the animals be double vaccinated and that older cats test negative for FIV/FeLV. And they need the documentation for the vaccinations and tests. Sometimes they are able to take timid cats, sometimes they’ll accept ferals (to be rehomed as Barn Cats) but they usually do require that the majority of felines are socialised.

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