Dumping Kills

Dumping kills. And it’s illegal. Whoever just dumped this wee kitten in my back garden – congratulations! Chances are it’ll catch FIE (Feline Infectious Enteritis) and die. I’ve the virus in the house and wee things like this are particularly susceptible. Half the time when you dump a kitten it’ll die anyway – they’re far too wee to look after themselves. I’ve nothing but contempt for the people who neglect and dump tiny creatures like this.

Wee Zingaro made his presence known with a miaow. A miaow I didn’t recognise. I’m not actually sure if someone shoved him through the cat flap, if my guys brought him in, or if he came in through the french windows when I opened them – after hearing the miaow. Turned round twice and there he was, surrounded by Duchess, Scrabble and Granny. Feck, I thought (and more besides), I’ve FIE in the house. And I phoned Jen. She’s just taken him to the vets and we’re crossing out fingers he wasn’t exposed in the short time he was here.I put food down for him. And he munched with abandon. Running away every time I reached towards him. By the fifteenth bite or so he let me stroke the side of his head. In between bites he’d miaow and approach one of the girls. I think he’s looking for mom. The girls weren’t too sure.

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