Yogi’s a bright, bouncy, beautiful terrier cross girl, with a sunny disposition, a lovely smile and a desperation to please. She’s around a year old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.


Yogi was adopted by a friend of the local dog warden about three months ago, when she was nine months old. Her original people had let their dog have pups and hadn’t been able to home the last two, one of whom was Yogi. No surprise there – there’s too many dogs and not enough homes – why do people still breed their animals?

As far as I’m aware Yogi was brought up by a family – and there’s no denying she loves kids! The guy who adopted her had an older dog, around 14, who he felt needed companionship. He’s a part time farmer with a lot of land, but no enclosure or enclosed area for the dogs, and he kept them both outside because his partner didn’t want them setting a paw in the house (I think he’d have had it different given the choice).

And Yogi kept wandering, bored out her mind, stuck outside with no human company and an old tired dog. And the old tired dog found her a bit much, so was quite pleased when she’d disappear, I reckon. Yogi tended to wander to neighbouring houses looking for kids to play with. But one day she went as far as the main road in Ballylickey. A passing motorist, seeing her in the middle of the road, stopped. And she ran straight to his car. He assumed she was dumped (a fair assumption), took her to the local vet (who had actually neutered her six weeks beforehand, but didn’t recognise her) and then took her home. Hats off to the man – so  many wouldn’t have bothered – and with Ballylickey’s busy main road I’d say Yogi was a very lucky wee dog (if you need convincing to take action if you come across a similar situation read this).

Five weeks later, no guardian had come forward looking for her. The folk who had picked her up loved her to bits but felt they weren’t at home enough to keep her company and KLAWS Kerry agreed to find a home for her. And guess who ended up fostering her? *cheesy grin*

I called the dog warden to check he didn’t know anything about her, and the next day got a call from her guardian. He popped round for a cuppa and we had a wee chat about the situation. He’s obviously fond of his animals, neuters responsibly, wants company for the auld fella. But he wasn’t willing to make an enclosure to keep Yogi from wandering, and his wife wasn’t willing to keep her in the house. He wanted the dogs to have the run of the farm, and had trained the older one to stay within the boundaries. He was thinking of getting a younger pup, feeling Yogi had been too old to train. I suggested that he get an older dog instead, better companionship for his own, and not such a bother to her. And he seemed to agree, fingers crossed. And he surrendered Yogi amicably.

He’d obviously put a bit of effort into training Yogi – she’s been one of my easier fosters. Young and full of beans of course, wanting to be Everyone’s friend (much to the cats disgust). She was housetrained with the folk who picked her up 100%. Less so with me, but I think that’s partly cos I gave her too much space in the house to wander (my house is huge) and partly because I’m hard of hearing and didn’t always hear her wanting to go out. She could hold it all night though, and I’m sure will quickly revert to good behaviour with someone with a better routine than myself. She sits, though it takes a few tries. And is very eager to learn.


Yogi & Larry

I was told Yogi chased the farmer’s neighbour’s cats, but she had been very respectful of my guys. And, quite rightly, was terrified of Miss Tipsy. She desperately wanted them to play with her, but was a bit too boisterous for them in the main. And she was very aware of that, and would lie down and put her head between her paws, waiting for them to accept her – and then get all excited and jump about when they did, thus scaring them off again, lol.

I’ve just had a wee kitten, Moe, join us, and they were just starting to be good mates when Yogi left. I’ve some great videos to put together – watch this space. Yogi chasing Moe, and Moe chasing Yogi! I kept them supervised, because Moe’s so tiny and Yogi so boisterous, but they definitely enjoyed each other’s company, and I’d say Yogi would be great with cats, so long as they’re introduced formally.

Yogi’s met a few dogs in passing while she’s been with me and seems to be very willing to make friends. I’d say she’ll be grand with just about any creature – but would introduce her carefully, just to be on the safe side.

My neighbour, eleven-year-old Trinity, entertained Yogi almost daily while she was here – big thx to her! It can be very boring for dogs being stuck with me while I’m glued to my computer, so Trinity’s visits are a godsend and extremely welcome!


YogiYogi didn’t show much interest in her dry dog food – preferring to go for the dry cat food that I kept forgetting to lift out of reach. And she wasn’t particularly food orientated generally, including during training. But she responded extremely well to praise – she looooooooooooves attention and can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t love her attention right back. I bought her a postman’s leg – not realising how much bigger than her it was – and it kept her distracted for a good three days – she still hadn’t finished with it by the time she left (see galleries).

She needs a bit of training. She’ll sit, and will lie quietly when told a few times. She pulls quite a bit on the lead but, again, will learn soon enough – and I doubt she’s been on a lead before so it’s no wonder.

Housetraining-wise – she was perfectly housetrained with the folk who picked her up from the road in Ballylickey. However, she did have a few accidents with me. I think this was because of a mix between my bad hearing (I didn’t always hear her asking to go out) and my irregular schedule (she wouldn’t be sure when I’d appear).  She can easily hold on through the night and, with a bit of care, should revert to her perfect housetraining with someone with better hearing and a less up-in-the-air schedule than me.


All in all, Yogi’s a very happy wee dog, very comfortable with herself, interested in anything new and very eager to please and to learn. She’ll make a great addition to any family, no doubt about that!

Yogi Arrival


Yogi & the Residents

Yogi was very good with the cats, though a bit eager to play dog-style. The cats were not so happy about Yogi!


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