Yogi – Home Forever!

Yogi’s new people sent some photos to Pupsneedinghomes, the UK rescue that rehomed her for KLAWS. They sent a terrific update with the photos and I’d a wee tear in my eye reading it. Yogi’s now called Gracie and it sounds like she’s really fallen on her paws. She’s got her very own girl (she loves kids so that grrrreat!), her very own family and her very own Happy Ever After.

Here’s what her new people said:

As you can see Gracie has settled into our home beautifully.

She is such a good girl, gentle, playful, affectionate. She is everything we wished for in a dog. She is well behaved in the home, knows not to go upstairs and only allowed on the settee when invited by us. Gracie has slept every night like a baby since we got her, even from the first night. We did get her a crate and made it comfortable just like you said and, gave her the choice on Saturday night where to sleep. Gracie has always chosen her bed, so much so, we need to take the crate back to the shop as it has not been used. I have left her at home alone a couple of times already this week for 30mins and then 1 hour and she has been happy. I have even left temptations out such as washing basket in utility room but she leaves everything alone. She does like to take the occasional smelly sock and slipper to her bed but I think that’s because she likes our smell and loves us as much as we do her. Gracie enjoys her toys (she has quite a few already) and her meals. I have been mixing some Burns dry food in with the food you gave us which she enjoys. Gracie enjoys her walks and our garden – rustling in the bushes and trees.

She is going to the vet today for her first visit and I sure she will make a good impression as everyone that meets her wants to stop and have a stroke and a chat. I have never spoken to so many people in the last 13 years of living here as I have in these 4 days with Gracie. I am keeping her socialised with other dogs and as for a newbie on the school run she is one of the best behaved dogs there waiting outside the school gates.

Gracie is such an adorable dog it feels as if she has been part of our family for such a long time already. I could write so much about her but I know you are very busy. We are all so happy she has made our family complete.

Thank you

*big cheesy grin*


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  1. Awww. Such a lovely story! Well done Gracie, Pups needing homes and Klaws and Muriel. (did I miss anyone out?) So glad that she has found such a great forever family. <3

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