Yoda & Dodger

Yoda and Dodger came to me separately – both with eye problems. They soon ended up the best of mates – and none the worse for their initial difficult starts.

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Yoda and his two siblings were born to a stray cat in Bantry town. All had cat flu and the mum and one sibling died before anyone paid any attention to them.

Yoda and the remaining sibling were rescued by a young local girl. Her boyfriend didn’t like cats so they were relegated to the bathroom (not the best environment for cats with flu). Within a couple of days her landlord said the kittens had to go or she had to move out. He gave her about two days notice.

She found a home for Yoda’s brother, who was in much better condition, and Yoda himself ended up with me towards the end of November. His eyes were so badly infected he couldn’t open them, his right eye was swollen to the size of a large marble, his breathing was uncomfortable and he sneezed constantly. He was around 6 or 7 weeks old.

On antibiotics and eye treatment he showed steady improvement. He must have had a strong consitution to have overcome the state he was in – I was extremely worried about his chances of survival a couple of times. I was also worried about his sight. Although he seemed to see just fine he couldn’t possibly have full vision because his eyes were closed with infection when his brain would normally be developing for sight.

Yoda was named for the Star Wars character – inspired when he first arrived by the appearance of his eyes and his gentle manner. A very easy animal to love.


Dodger was dumped outside a school on the Beara Peninsula at the age of around 7-8 weeks in Nov 2005. His right eye was an empty, weeping socket. He was seen by loads of people but nobody paid him any attention for two days and he was on his own for that time.

Emma, a local animal rescuer, found him by chance when she visited the school and she brought him to me. His eye had been damaged in some form of accident – entirely possible someone intentionally hurt him. Certainly no one treated or cared for him. He was absolutely terrified – shaking with fear and extremely wary of people.

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