All I Want For Christmas …

Fingers crossed for Dana & Janine who went off for their trial week in Kinsale yesterday. They’re shy wee things and, though the home looks fab, there’s no guarantees they’ll settle in. But there’s good reason to hope they’ll get their Christmas wish – a home for life. Nearly all the photos I took had zombie eye so only a couple to share. They were completely discombobulated by the journey but didn’t take long to start exploring. Here’s hoping they’ve found what they’re looking for!

In the meantime, Flame and Maggie are still with me – and they’re very upset not to have found their own people to share this festive season with. They asked me to let everyone to know they’re still looking for forever homes, and to pass on what delicious felines they are and how faithful and snorgalicious they’d be with their hoped for guardians. Check their links to find out more.

Wishing every companion animal finds a home forever, not just for Christmas.


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