Tyson & Cait Dubh

Tyson & Cait Dubh have been staying with Kate, near Glengarriff, for a few months courtesy of KLAWS.

Tyson, a neutered male, is very calm and friendly towards humans, but he can be a bit of handful with older cats. He’s a stunning looking boy, with medium to long black fur and a fantastic main of grey. He loves laps and being petted & brushed. He’s good with younger kittens and has watched Cait Dubh grow into a young adult with interest and affection. He is missing the end of his tail.

Cait Dubh means ‘black cat’ in Irish. He’s a very shy boy, but loves human contact and is very playful once he gets to know you. He’s a gorgeous slim, sleek black boy. He’s very attached to Tyson and the pair of them could easily be homed together – they’re best friends.

Both are fully vaccinated and neutered. They’ll be travelling to New Start in the UK soon to search for their forever homes. If you think you could find space in your home and heart for these delicious boys contact New Start.


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