I would love to be able to say, ‘Meet Thomas. Isn’t he gorgeous?’ – but his person killed him today. Because she couldn’t find a home for him. She contacted us nine days ago asking for help or she would kill him. We found a home for him this evening. But it was too late.

She says ‘I can’t begin to express the loss that I feel.’

I think Thomas’s loss is greater. And I’ve a few other things I can’t begin to express.

I want to write about how wrong it is to view living creatures as disposable commodities. I want to make every person considering adopting an animal companion feel in their bones the responsibility they are thinking of taking on.

Instead, let me just say that if you need to find a home for an animal, be it a stray you’ve had the heart and strength to rescue or an animal companion who trusts you, this pdf from Best Friends Animal Society is full of useful guidance:

I can only add if you think nine days is a reasonable amount of time to find the animal a good home, you’re not being reasonable.

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