The Stones

Rescued by Jennifer Carroll, fostered by me, Jenni tells how they came to us:

The Stone family was brought to my attention when a women who works locally approached me and suggested that I either take the kittens or she would ‘introduce them to the navy’ (ie. she’d drown them!). I reluctantly agreed and was told that they were about 2-3 weeks old. So, giving her and her daughter instructions to handle the kittens as much as possible to make catching them and humanising them easier, I promised to call for them in about two weeks.

The deadline for the kittens approached and I went looking for them, only to find the woman was on holiday! For a WEEK! Despite this setback a little detective work soon found the house, and the neighbours who were feeding the cats.

It turned out that the mother was a pet cat and only had three legs; she was missing her front left leg. The kittens – there were four of them in an old shed – were all black and not in very good condition. Their coats had the brown tinge of poor condition and three of the four had medical problems. So the kittens and mum were bundled into carriers and transported back to base. The woman I spoke to informed me that there had been five kittens but, despite searching high and low, no trace of the last one could be found. So, leaving instructions to call if it appeared and promising to return tomorrow I reluctantly left. (I found out the following day that the fifth kitten had been missing for over 10 days and was probobly dead or eaten by wildlife, poor mite.) 11th Oct – we later found out the fifth kitten had wandered down the road and been rescued by a neighbour – she’s now living the life of Reilly!

The mother cat, Yugi, was delighted to have attention and to be fussed over. She was in very good condition and was both FIV and FELV negative – phew! The kittens, two boys and two girls, were not in such great condition. Both boys had a sore eye each, though Onyx’s was much worse than Boji’s. When he first arrived Onyx couldn’t open his left eye but, after cleaning and drops, both boys now have perfect eyes.

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