The Hole in the Wall Gang

I got a call from Cork CAT a couple of weekends ago – kittens had just been born in a hole in a wall, not far from Supervalu in Clonakilty. They were accessible to local dogs, and in road pizza danger once they were mobile. Ann was off on holiday (Holiday? What’s that then?) and had no one to foster them till she got back – could I help?

So I did a bit of phoning around and Carla offered to foster the family as an emergency option. Yay Carla!

I immediately got in touch with Tracey, the lady who’d called Cork CAT, and arranged to pop down, trap mum and retrieve kittens that Monday, 20th May. Nice woman, really liked her – offered me a cuppa as soon as I was in the door, which always keeps me fluffy. We checked out the situation and mum walked into the trap in about 5 seconds flat. Transferred her into the hospital cage in no time and set out to get the kittens. Thought it would be easy. *snort*

The hole in the wall extended so far back I could only just feel one of the kitten’s fur – couldn’t get my hands round any of them, and my efforts sent them even further to the back. Tracey’s reach was shorter than mine, so no luck there. Mitra, the mum, wasn’t going to be any help because she’s not a friendly puss and we couldn’t handle her. Right. Not as easy as I’d thought. So, we knocked on a few back doors and got a few volunteers, but no-one’s arms were long enough. Gnf! Never had this problem before. What to do?

Always happy to ask for help when I need it, I popped round to Supervalu and eyeballed the punters. Spotted a friendly looking guy with long arms.

‘Hi!’ says I. ‘You’ve got long arms!’

And he smiled at me and didn’t run away. Good start. I explained the situation to him and, bless him, he agreed to help out and came back round to Tracey’s with me. And we’d two kittens, Beemer & Hawker, retrieved before you could say Kitten Robinson – though it was a stretch, even for Lee. And Lee just couldn’t reach the last two. Bork!!! What next?

We tried various kitchen implements, from various kitchens (we’d several neighbours helping out by this stage) – very gently! And the final tool that did the job was a pair of tongs, wrapped in a tea towel. Lee was careful as anything and he got the final two babies, Alpha and Merc, with no harm done.

So we popped the tinies in with mum, and all patted each other on the backs. Grand job! Goodbyes all round and I set off to Carla’s to introduce her to her new fosterees.

Just have to tell you, in the process of taking the hospital cage out the van, I battered my already sore knee (didn’t drop the cage tho!) and developed a Fantastic swelling for my troubles – photo included in the gallery because it kinda reminds me of my school days when we used to compare war wounds and be incredibly proud of ourselves the uglier they were. Poor Muriel! Had to share 😉

Heartfelt gratitudes to all who helped, and particularly Tracey and Lee – thanks to you guys, the family is safe in Carla’s bathroom; babies weighed daily to be sure they’re progressing; and lots of photos being taken! We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

The Family’s Gallery

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