The Coffees’ Story

Just been having a look through older fostering pics and stories. I wanted to check the Coffees because they’re such a good example of the indication of illness/malnutrition in the coat colour of black cats – their coat goes coffee coloured. Here’s Mocha when she first arrived, ill kempt and coffee coloured in August 2007 – and in January 2008 when she and her sister, Arabica, in their foster home just before they were adopted – shiney, healthy, sleek black!

There may be some pedigree cats that are brown – I know and care nothing about breeding. But black cats with brownishness need a checkup usually. Tho you’ll sometimes see a brownness reflected in the sunlight in healthy black cats. It’s more when it’s obvious all the time. Sometimes it’s a real illness showing, sometimes just a heavy worm burden that worming will fix.

Back in 2007 we had an html site – so archaic now! As a result, we just wrote stories when we were looking for homes, so adopters would know the stories of their new charges.

Anyway, here’s the Coffee’s story from way back then.

First published January 2008

The CoffeesA family from Ahakista, West Cork, brought these adorable kittens to me in the autumn of 2007. They’d been found wandering near the family’s house, obviously dumped. They were both coffee coloured with malnutrition but otherwise healthy enough, except for Mocha’s tail (see below). They became known as the Coffees and we named the long haired kitten Mocha, the short haired Arabica. But they didn’t keep those names for long!

Both were shy at first, but Arabica warmed up quickly. Mocha was still timid when we shipped the pair of them off to the Starretts’ marvellous foster home just outside Durrus. The Starretts already had Athos and Ossie [stories to come], so the Coffees joined them in a kitten-equipped den space. Though I understand all the foster kittens ended up, delightedly, with full run of the house. And Arabica became Dolly, Mocha became Foxy. Most of our foster kittens can go through a fair few names!

Here’s Clare Starrett’s experience of these beautiful kittens:

The Coffees‘Foxy and her sister Dolly came to us in a dishelleved state several months ago, but have come on leaps and bounds from their poor start in life.

Foxy was a reddish brown colour as a small kitten due to malnutrition but now has a lovely long black coat, she also had a wonky tail. Foxy has trouble with jumping sometimes which could be connected to the trauma to her tail, she is ungainly looking but don’t let that fool you!

Dolly is a black short-haired version of her sister in looks, but their personalities couldn’t be more different! Dolly is quiet – but a real sweetie. She is a friendly little cat, she is extremely close to her sister, and is influenced by everything Foxy does! Foxy is the boisterous, headstrong one, always around your feet, following to see what your up to. She is definitely the boss, and Dolly is never far from her side!

The CoffeesAs with all the kittens that pass through these doors we took the Coffees to our local vet, Fachtna Collins for a check on arrival. Trauma round the base of Mocha/Foxy’s tail had caused an abscess that had burst. Fachtna thought the damage could have been caused by something tied round it, or it had been caught in something. The base has been left weakened as a result but it shouldn’t affect her – it just means she can’t talk as well with her tail.

Coffee Gallery

Back in the day I took web quality photos, rather than high res – this means that they’re smaller and – you guessed it – lower quality. You still get an idea though!


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Medical History

Note: Back in the day, we were volunteering for the Animal Care Society and naively following their guidelines. These days we would never rehome cats unless they were neutered. We also only send cats to the UK for rehoming when we have a severe overflow – most of our rescues are rehomed in Ireland.

The medical history was included so new guardians were well aware of any problems – and had clear indications of vaccinations, worming and defleaing, etc.

Name Mocha / Foxy Arabica / Dolly
The Coffees  The Coffees
Description Long-haired black female.

Short-haired black female.

DOB Not known. Guessing born around end June 2007
Place Of Birth near Ahakista, W Cork, Ireland
Wormed & Defleaed Sep 07
Felocell CVR 12/9/07 due booster 12/9/08
Neutered No, but should be done soon.
FIV Status Assuming FIV Free by association FIV Free
Other Medications Synulox for her tail. Been healthy all through.
Best Companions Each other.  Also know Athos well.
Emigrated to the UK 21/01/08
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