The Beacon Boys

Three boys, rescued from Beaconhill, Bantry, Co Cork, had horrendous eye infections when they first arrived. Read more to see how beautifully they turned out!

by Jenni

These three boys came from near a housing estate in Beacon Hill, Bantry, Co Cork. They and their mother had taken up residence in a garden of a lady with a little girl. The woman was happy to feed them but the mother cat, for some peculiar reason, was very aggressive. She quite literally attacked anyone she saw as a threat to her kittens – ANYONE! She supposedly has attacked an adult male human and refused to let go!! Only his leather jacket saved him.

The kittens, however, did not have their mother’s violent streak, though they hadn’t been handled and were very shy. They all had to be trapped and were suffering from severe conjuntivitis. All three were dewormed, defleaed and treated for their infections – which literally cleared up almost over night. Amazing what a little intervention can do!

The two short haired boys Lock (the tabby and white) and Shock (the tabby) have been neutered and ear tipped. The little fuzzy Peril hasn’t yet been neutered. We didn’t quite get around to him – he did a little bunk on neutering day and got a reprieve.

All three are quite social with other cats and each other. They are humanised and reasonably social with people. They will do pretty much anything for food – and I mean anything! Every feeding time it’s like they haven’t seen food in a hundred years. They purr like trains and love to play – everything is a toy. They are not keen on being picked up though. I find if you sit and ignore them they will investigate you, and if you have treats they will appear all the faster. The tabby fellow, Shock, is the boldest, first in for food, folllowed by Lock and bringing up the rear is Peril. Peril has a slight scar on his right eyeball. Of the three he had the most severe eye ulcers on both eyes. These have healed up perfectly but he has a slight scar as a result. This may disappear over time – but doesn’t bother him at all!!

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