*** REHOMED ***

Tara’s travelled all the way from Donegal to look for her forever home in beautiful County Cork. Found stray, taken in by Donegal Pet Rescue, she’d tested positive for FeLV some time ago and they appealed for someone who could cope with her FeLV to take her in. I stepped up to the plate, as I’ve FeLV around, and my guys are vaccinated against it.

So, Tara arrived on Sunday, ready to settle in West Cork. We re-tested her as a matter of course and … guess what? She’s thrown off the FeLV – officially negative for both FeLV and FIV! Yay! So she’s decided she doesn’t need to stay with me after all! She’s gonna set her cap to a proper, loving family home, rather than my high-turnover, multi-cat household. Her bout with FeLV has had no health effects on her, and she’s a lovely, robust, friendly wee thing, brimming with health. She’s vaccinated and neutered and we’re vaccinating her for FeLV for safety’s sake, though she should have a good immunity to it now anyway.

She’s around three years old and has lovely tabby markings with ginger peaking through her lush coat too. Could you find a place in your heart and home for this lovely puss? Do get in touch if you could – Tara would love to hear from you!

To find out more about FeLV, check this link and our own FeLV pages.

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