Talking TNR in Cloughjordan

As part of our collaboration with Feral Cats Ireland in the CATalyst Project, we’re Talking Trap Neuter Return this coming Wednesday, 4th March, at 8pm at the Thomas Macdonagh Heritage Centre in Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary.

Talking TNR

Date: Wednesday 4th March

Time: 8pm

VenueThomas Macdonagh Heritage Centre, Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary

We’re here to help you humanely manage your community cats.

TNR benefits the cats and the neighbourhood

All feral – unowned – cats are spayed or neutered. Back in their outdoor home, they will not reproduce – no more kittens! The annoying behaviours of mating cats, such as yowling or fighting, stop. TNR improves their lives and yours. It’s effective and humane. Other approaches for feral cats just don’t work.

Come along and find out more!

Whether you love cats – or hate them – TNR is the humane, long-term solution to the feline overpopulation problem. The sessions should be of interest to anyone in the community, cat lovers and cat haters, cat caregivers, veterinary staff and individuals involved in, or thinking of getting involved in, TNR projects.

Find out more about our Talking TNR sessions here.

The session is hosted by the Irish Smallholders’ Association as part of a project to humanely address the feline overpopulation locally. They’ve been fab, and we love working with them!

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