Susy’s Qs

Susy's QsFound on Sunday 25th July, rescued on the 26th, these gentle wee furrballs were definitely dumped by their human caregivers. They’re safe now though!


by Susy

Susy’s Qs, aka the Trog Trio, Freddie, May and Mercury, were spotted by a friend of mine on a building site near Ahakista. These guys are pretty affectionate once they get to know you, so there’s no doubt they’d been dumped by uncaring guardians to await their fate once the machinery ground into action. The wee family had found a tiny cave in the rock face in which to hide. Starving and frightened, all with cat flu, I kept them safe for a few days until they could go to Muriel’s.

On arrival they were approximately 11 weeks old and will be available for rehoming as soon as their snuffles clear up.

Moving On

Susy’s Qs came to me on Friday 30th July. They weren’t completely housetrained, but got the hang of it in no time – though someone has a tendency to use the bath for their toilet – so I’ve put a litter tray there and that seems to have sorted it.

The two girls, Mercury and May, and the boy, Freddie, stunning long-haired tabbys, are all very gentle kittens. Slightly timid at first they are extremely food oriented and come screaming out to scoff delicacies of chicken or fish as if they hadn’t seen food in a week. May adores being combed – I’ve never seen anything like it. She was still a bit wary of me but as soon as I got the comb through her fur she turned into a purring mass of pleasure and nuzzled into me with delight. This is a great bonus as long-haired cats need regular grooming to prevent matts in their coats. Fortunately Mercury and Freddie have no problem with being groomed, they just don’t go into ecstasies quite like May does!

May has pretty much got over her cat flu already, Mercury is still sneezing a wee bit and Freddie’s eye infection will take a good few days more to clear up. Shouldn’t be long before they’re available to rehome!

All three kittens are very playful, affectionate and curious and promise to be lovely companions.

Forever Homes Found

Mercury is off to her new home in Drimoleague today. She’s delighted to have found a lovely family to share her life with and is looking forward to exploring her new environment and friends.

May and Freddie are going to be moving up the road, not far at all. Also to a lovely family, with a stay-at-home dad!! They’re going to have company all day and are delighted. They’ll be moving just as soon as Freddie’s eyes clear up, in the next few days.

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