Sunshine & Smiles

Well, I came back from my trip up north with such a buzz on! It’s nearly two weeks ago now – how time flies! I was just back from a coupla days away, visiting and meeting with friends – and talking over the new CATalyst project with three splendiferous women (aimed at informing, enabling and inspiring TNR throughout Ireland – Yay!). The sun kissed the windscreen and the CD blared out Jukebox Gypsy nearly the whole way home, and I was grinning so big it hurt as I tried to stop my feet tapping on the clutch and accelerator. Road trips are Cyewl!!!

Though the visit was full of highlights, I’m just writing to mention two lil fave kittehs of mine, Sunshine & Smiles – a brother and sister pair I fostered on and off last year. Totally snorgalicious, toetinglingly beautimous and heartwarmingly devoted to each other, and yet nobody seemed interested in adopting this pair – and there was No Way I was adopting them out separately. Then, at a meeting in Athlone about TNR, I met Georgina from Co Tipp. In passing, she mentioned she was thinking of adopting another cat at some future date – and I lightly mentioned these two, never thinking she’d take me seriously. About a month later Vinnie Sunshine Jones and Polly Smiles Pocket were settled in their new home – a kitty heaven filled with dogs, chickens, orchards, green spaces, comfy spots and caring humans.

Georgina came highly recommended and I didn’t need to homecheck myself for once. But I couldn’t resist a visit when I was in the area to see two of my favourite fosterees again (and Georgina – obviously). The pair were typically unimpressed at seeing me again – bloody cats! But it fair filled my heart to see them so settled, and happy, and still devoted to each other. Sunshine’s play can be a bit overwhelming for his wee sister sometimes but, at the end of the day, he always keeps an eye out for her – and she stays close to her protective big brother.

To celebrate I’ve put a few of their pics together – from three weeks old, when they first arrived at mine, to today, now a year and a few months. Check out their gallery!

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