Summertime & the Living is Easy

The unseasonally hot weather recently had all the gang lapping up sunbeams. Had to take a few pics o course. And got some crackers, if I do say so myself. Thought I’d give you a wee update on everyone while I shared the photos.

Miss Tipsy is well settled in now, has decided she’s boss of the house – and no-one is arguing. Larry is completely unintimidated by her and the pair of them play away like two kittens – Larry’s only two so no surprise there, but I’m very impressed at Miss T’s energy and enthusiasm.

Larry is still a snot rag and not responding to treatment at all, so he’ll be staying for a while longer and isn’t currently looking for a forever home. It’s such a shame because he’s such a gorgeous natured boy. But he’s got snot flying everywhere and few people would be attracted to that, bless. The vet’s going to x-ray and swab, his head and nose respectively, when he’s been off antibiotics for a fortnight, and see if we can do something more for him.

O’Sullivan, our neighbour from three doors down, is missing his pal Scrabble, who passed recently. But he’s made a new friend in Larry and the pair of them have been having a fair old time in the sun, running and funning and generally being adolescents.

Granny Weatherwax is having trouble with her gums, but antibiotics clear that up and she’s doing pretty good for her age.

Dutchess is problem free (asking for trouble saying that, fingers crossed) and will also be missing Scrabble, her wee adopted girl. Otherwise healthy and happy. We’re making sure she’s not in the sun too long, her white colouring making her particularly vulnerable to cancer.

Who else? How could I forget Barley? Now with us a year I’m noticing how she’s filled out and is no longer the skinny wee thing that first joined us. Her eye still gives her trouble and seems to be a chronic condition, but she doesn’t let it bother her and has become a very affectionate furrball – particularly liking wrapping herself round my neck when she gets the opportunity.

It looks like Inky may stay out her days with us – no trips to the UK and no word from her London people about any other suggested transport. And I have to say I’ve got very attached to this half blind, half deaf, rickety auld yin – her frailties don’t stop her enjoying snorgles, noms and sunbeams.

And lastly, Dave the thug – still being thug-like to any strange cats, and a teddy bear to me. No sign of anyone wanting to adopt him *sigh* His FIV status doesn’t help of course, but he so deserves a less cat-saturated environment – he’d much prefer to be the only guy on the block, bless im. Not much chance of that round here.

The Sunshine Gang


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