Scrabble Update

Back when Scrabble had her medical nightmare with thrombocytopenia, we tested her for FIV/FeLV – and she tested positive for the former, FIV. Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to rehome a healthy FIV positive cat, as long as the new owners were aware of the disease and willing & able to deal with it. But Scrabble had been sickly from day one, and I wasn’t sure how long she might be able to cope with the disease. So I decided to adopt her myself. She’s been a great addition to my high-turnover household, a friendly wee thing who gets on well with humans, cats AND dogs, and is always interested in new arrivals. To be honest, I’m besotted with her.

Here’s a lil photographic update on lil Scrabble. She’s palled up with the Duchess – and discovered COAL – Yay!


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