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RAWR have a variety of hard-working, enthusiastic barn cats, currently seeking reliable employment. Skilled in mousing, lurking in the shadows and with no interest in indoor living, these felines are raring to go and waiting for your call. Also fly control experts; not afraid of spiders. They are neutered and fully vaccinated. All they require of you is an outdoor space to work in, a shelter to sleep in, regular nutritious meals and fresh water, bi-monthly worming and medical attention should they fall ill.

Barn cats prefer to work in pairs and will need a settling in period, in confinement, to ensure their long-term attachment to your property. Currently located near Bantry, West Cork, these guys are prepared to travel to find their forever barn.

If you think you might be interested in these highly skilled individuals, or any of RAWR’s Barn Cats, please contact us by email or call 085 219 6225/086 844 3244.

The MoominCome and Meet the Gang


We’ve Moomin – seen here guarding her property. She’s a beautiful ginger & white female, around 5/6 months old. She was the only kitten in one of RAWR’s TNR projects and was taken in for her own protection. Now well able to look after herself, Moomin would appreciate being left to her own devices with access to a comfortable barn.

Bryanne and SamuelBryanne and Samuel

Update: Samuel has decided to stay with Jennifer and is no longer looking for a home.

Sam is 15, the youngest of 3. Their guardian was moving house and chose accommodation that allowed dogs but not cats. He wanted the cats killed. RAWR took them in. Sam was hit by a car near Coomhola and, being a hardy soul, survived – but his jaw was slightly damaged, giving him a unique but strangely attractive visage. Both are friendly barn cats rather than pets. At Sam’s age, he’s really looking for a retirement barn, but Bryanne does twice the work of any other cat and will more than make up for Sam’s advanced years.

The Leap 8

FiascoThree cats, Fiasco, Flash and Fancy, are still looking for work, out of the eight that were rescued from Leap. The farmer wanted them all killed. While RAWR explained to him that Trap Neuter Return (TNR) was the solution – more cats will turn up if he simply removes those on his property – he wasn’t interested. RAWR decided to relocate the colony for its own safety. Very skilled at mousing due to their lack of care in their previous employment, and very interested in workers’ rights, these guys will make a great addition to any barn.

Barn Cats in Training

RAWR Barn Cats in Training Aug 2015And last, but by no means least, I’d like to introduce three lil barn cats in training. Taken in during one of RAWR’s TNR projects, these three have been building up their strength and skills in anticipation of their first job applications. It’s an intimidating prospect, applying for work for the first time, but this family have worked hard building their tiny CVs, sharpening their claws and working on their interspecies communication skills. They are not interested in indoor living, or much association with humans, but they get on well with dogs, and are very hard working and enthusiastic.

The Barn Cat Gallery


Barn Cats

From Wikipedia:

The barn cat, or farm cat, is a domestic cat, usually of mixed breed, that lives primarily out-of-doors, in a feral or semi-feral condition on agricultural properties, usually sheltering in outbuildings. They eat assorted vermin such as rodents and other small animals that live in or around outbuildings and farm fields. The need for the farm cat may have been the original reason cats were domesticated: to keep rodents from consuming or contaminating grain crops stored for later human consumption. They are still commonly kept for the purpose of catching undesired vermin found on farms and ranches, which would otherwise eat or contaminate crops, especially grain or feed stocks.

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