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The 2015 statistics for Irish dog pounds have just been published by environ.ie. I’ve had a wee look at the annual stats for Cork City, Cork County and Nationwide. You can see the itemised stats for the other counties, and more information generally, by checking the published figures.

For each area, I’m most interested in the number of dogs dealt with by the pound(s) and the percentage killed per day/per week compared to the percentage rehomed/passed to rescues and previous years. They’ve given more details in the last couple of years – which is great!

And, though the figures have mercifully decreased, they still stop my heart. The bottom line?

Nationwide an average of 5 dogs were killed every day in pounds in 2015 – that’s 35 living creatures, bred to rely on humans for their care, killed every week.

Every one of us is responsible for that figure.

At the same time, it’s important to realise how much Ireland has moved on from 2005 when the figures read 35 dogs per day/318 per week. But we’ve still got a long way to go.

Most folk will be interested in the Nationwide stats, so I’ll start with them. See further down for Cork City & Cork County stats – my own area, with the City having a fab result – only euthanasing two dogs in the entire year (0.33% of intake, compared to 49% in 2005); while the County continues to be abysmal (killing 37% and rehoming a mere 15%).

I’ve done this really quickly – if ye spot any mistakes in the calculations give me a shout with the details. Ta!


There’s an awful lots of numbers here – I’ll try and simplify below…

Nationwide to 2015

Some thoughts:

  • An average of 36 dogs entered Irish pounds every day in 2015. Of them, 9 are surrendered, 22 stray and the remainder, 4, are seized.
    • Just think about those numbers for a minute. Thirty six individual dogs every day. Spay/neuter. Say no more.
  • There’s no denying a vaste improvement since 2005. Then 45 dogs were killed every day, 65% of those dealt with by the pound. In 2015, 5 were killed every day, 14% of those dealt with.
  • The Transferred to Dog Welfare Groups column is new since 2012. Note that this figure is nearly half (45%) of the dogs dealt with by the pounds. In fact, this accounts for most of the drop in kill rate. And means that rescues are doing the work. It would be interesting to see a comparison of the funding the rescues involve receive from the government (unknown) with the funding the pounds receive (€3.8 million in 2015).
  • Rehomed and Reclaimed have only been itemised separately since 2014. Since they’re quite different things this division is much more informative than the sum total previously given.
    • Note only 15% of dogs through the pound were reclaimed in 2015. With the new microchipping legislation we’d hope to see this figure rising. We’d also hope to see some prosecutions where dumped dogs can be traced back to their irresponsible guardians.
    • Note also, of the dogs not reclaimed only 24% are rehomed by the pounds. No record is kept of how successful the rehomings are – how many pounds do homechecks? How many dogs are returned after rehoming?

Cork City

Big smiles to the CSPCA, Cork City pound!!! Only two dogs killed in 2015. Two too many, but I’d imagine they would have been aggressive or similar. Things have fair changed since 5 dogs were killed every week ten years previously.

Cork City to 2015

The basic breakdown for the CSPCA stats shows that 63% of pound dogs were reclaimed, 19% rehomed by the pound and 18% passed to rescue. Between 1 & 2 dogs entered the pound every day on average.

Cork County

Cork County to 2015

Cork County stats are still horrible. Okay, there’s a huge improvement from 84% killed in 2005 to 37% killed in 2015. But 4 dogs killed a week is still not good enough.

Only 7% reclaimed – the microchipping law ought to sort that, but it does show a really poor effort on the part of wardens AND guardians.

15% rehomed – pitiful.

41% to rescue – thank goodness they’re using rescues, but really the pounds should be doing the job of rehoming themselves.

National Greyhound Stats

Greyhound Stats for Ireland 2015

Read it and weep. Galway City killed every greyhound they took in; Donegal & Tipperary killed more than 70% of those they took in; Limerick City & County, Kerry, Westmeath and Cork County all killed more than half of the greys they took in. And the greys taken in don’t even begin to illustrate the number of greyhounds ‘disappeared’ every year as a result of the racing industry.

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