Irish Animals

Over 300,000 kittens are born in Ireland every year. Of those 180,000 kittens die before they are 4 months old.

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Trap Neuter Return

Trap Neuter Return is becoming recognised as an efficient and cost-effective tool for controlling and reducing feral cat populations.

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Neutering your cats and dogs is one of the most important things you can do for your companion animals.

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Animal Advocacy is one not-for-profit person, nested in an inspiring network of charitable, government, public & networking organisations, volunteers and individuals.

We’re all part of that network!

I’m primarily involved in Trap Neuter Return (TNR) - maintaining and promoting Ireland's TNR Manual - How to Help Community Cats - and providing workshops and information evenings on all aspects of Best Practice TNR and Working Together. It's all about getting the information and skills out there - and, ultimately, solving Ireland feline overpopulation problem! At the same time, I do seem to end up doing a bit of animal transportation, fostering and rehoming in the process. And networking, fundraising and information provision. There’s always something!

Tabby Temptations

This gorgeous tabby guy is around five or six years old. He’s good with dogs and gets on fine with other cats. He loves cuddles and sleeping on the bed, but he’s not too keen on being picked up. He’s a very clever boy and is litter trained. As you can see, he loves his food! And, of course, he’s […]

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Woo Hoo!

We're delighted to announce the launch of our new-look Animal Advocacy website. It's specifically designed to make the TNR Manual’s online pages easier to navigate. However … it may take some time to get the whole site inline with the new look. Please bear with us! You’ll notice we’ve got the basics done and dusted – the […]

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We’re in the process of upgrading our theme and style to one which will make the TNR Manual’s online pages easier to navigate … this may take some time! You’ll notice we’ve got the basics done and dusted – the new theme uses similar images and colours to our old one, so you should still feel […]

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Cool Paw Luke

Lil fiesty fella turned up in my garden, feeling peckish but not particularly friendly, today. It’s market day, and I’m always suspicious when stray companions appear on market day – it’s a prime day for people to dump the living creatures they’re supposed to be caring for. But it’s feasible the wee guy is a […]

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Okay, so everything’s mayhem at work (West Cork Music – Chamber Festival in progress, Literary Festival in a coupla weeks, Masters of Tradition bookings just opened – words can’t express!) and the phone goes. Nothing unusual in that. But it’s not someone looking for tickets, it’s Hannah at the vets. She’s covering for Jennifer, who’s […]

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The Coffees’ Story

Just been having a look through older fostering pics and stories. I wanted to check the Coffees because they’re such a good example of the indication of illness/malnutrition in the coat colour of black cats – their coat goes coffee coloured. Here’s Mocha when she first arrived, ill kempt and coffee coloured in August 2007 – and […]

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