Irish Animals

Over 300,000 kittens are born in Ireland every year. Of those 180,000 kittens die before they are 4 months old.

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Trap Neuter Return

Trap Neuter Return is becoming recognised as an efficient and cost-effective tool for controlling and reducing feral cat populations.

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Neutering your cats and dogs is one of the most important things you can do for your companion animals.

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Animal Advocacy is one not-for-profit person, nested in an inspiring network of charitable, government, public & networking organisations, volunteers and individuals.

We’re all part of that network!

I’m primarily involved in Trap Neuter Return (TNR) - maintaining and promoting Ireland's TNR Manual - How to Help Community Cats - and providing workshops and information evenings on all aspects of Best Practice TNR and Working Together. It's all about getting the information and skills out there - and, ultimately, solving Ireland feline overpopulation problem! At the same time, I do seem to end up doing a bit of animal transportation, fostering and rehoming in the process. And networking, fundraising and information provision. There’s always something!

Luka & Xena

Apologies in advance for the length of this story – I’m throwing three people’s input together at midnight and amn’t going to manage to neaten it up.

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Banjo, a teeny female calico, wandered into Bantry bikeshop at the age of around 5 weeks in July 2007. All four paws had bad burn damage, two pads peeling off completely, and her hind leg was burnt to the bone. We figured she’d got the injuries from travelling on a car engine. She was terrified […]

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by Jennifer Carroll, RAWR I can remember that it was a Wednesday night in mid May 2007 and that I was sitting in bed, reading a book at about 9pm in the evening, when my phone rang. Muriel had just received a call from a lady she knew that lived pretty much in the asshole of […]

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Yoda & Dodger

Yoda and Dodger came to me separately – both with eye problems. They soon ended up the best of mates – and none the worse for their initial difficult starts. Click on their names below to read their individual stories.

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Before I knew about TNR, Patches came to my door. These days I’d just set a trap and that would be that. But then I left food out for him and gradually tried to make friends. It took months. At first he’d run when he saw me – which is why he looks well fed […]

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