Irish Animals

Over 300,000 kittens are born in Ireland every year. Of those 180,000 kittens die before they are 4 months old.

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Trap Neuter Return

Trap Neuter Return is becoming recognised as an efficient and cost-effective tool for controlling and reducing feral cat populations.

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Neutering your cats and dogs is one of the most important things you can do for your companion animals.

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Animal Advocacy is one not-for-profit person, nested in an inspiring network of charitable, government, public & networking organisations, volunteers and individuals.

We’re all part of that network!

I’m primarily involved in Trap Neuter Return (TNR) - maintaining and promoting Ireland's TNR Manual - How to Help Community Cats - and providing workshops and information evenings on all aspects of Best Practice TNR and Working Together. It's all about getting the information and skills out there - and, ultimately, solving Ireland feline overpopulation problem! At the same time, I do seem to end up doing a bit of animal transportation, fostering and rehoming in the process. And networking, fundraising and information provision. There’s always something!

RAWR Job Seekers

RAWR have a variety of hard-working, enthusiastic barn cats, currently seeking reliable employment. Skilled in mousing, lurking in the shadows and with no interest in indoor living, these felines are raring to go and waiting for your call. Also fly control experts; not afraid of spiders. They are neutered and fully vaccinated. All they require […]

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Flare & Raze on Vacation

*** RESERVED *** You might remember Flare & Raze’s story from last week – a lovely brother & sister pair looking for their forever home. Well, I had the pleasure of getting to know this pair better yesterday, when I took them for a wee holiday with their new foster Kate. They’re going to stay […]

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Friar Tuck

*** REHOMED *** Lil update on the black fella in with the MnMs – he’s called Tuck, and wait till I tell you why … poor soul had a large abscess on his forehead when he was taken in. He was stray and no-one had helped him and what could have been easily treated had become […]

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MnMs & Friends

I originally posted the MnMs’ story on Facebook, as I was in the process of updating the site and couldn’t post here. Three kittens had been dumped at Melanie’s remote house, very underweight – but super friendly. I’d gone up to get them, and Jennifer had taken them in. Within days, three more kittens turned […]

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Flare & Raze

*** RESERVED *** RAWR have a delicious foxy pair, Flare & Raze, looking for their forever homes. The ginger & white brother and sister are around four months old, neutered and fully vaccinated. They were dumped in a garden of a house where, fortunately, tourists were holidaying. Tourists who cared about animals. They called RAWR […]

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The Unintentional Tourist

*** RESERVED *** So Lou and I are doing our Muriel and Louise 50th birthday Tour of West Cork. And we’re coming down to Adrigole from the Healy Pass and what do we see in the middle of the road? A wee white kitten. Without any words being spoken, Lou automatically stops the car I […]

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