Animal Advocacy

Photos of us! We’re quite shy at Animal Advocacy (and I’m usually the one holding the camera) so we’ve not too many photos 😉


Summertime & the Living is Easy

The unseasonally hot summer in 2013 had all the gang lapping up sunbeams. Myself included (tho no photos of me, lol).


Fencing is FAB!

Much to the disgust of Judo, my fosteree in Oct 2012, I finally had a Fenced In Garden – YAY!!! I’d been trying to get it organised for ages. Highland Fencing (027 50049) can be highly, highly recommended for getting the damn thing up in just two days. Now I’m a responsible dog fosterer!!! Very happy Muriel.

At the time Judo was desperately seeking her forever home – really miffed about the fencing and wanted to move soon.


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