UK Trips & Transports Galleries

We stopped doing the UK trips after February 2014 – though we hope to do them again at some point in the future. This gallery shows past UK trips and other animal transports we’ve helped out with.

We tried to take lots of photos when we did the trips. Partly cos it’s fun to share the experience with everyone. But mostly because the photos can help the lil emigrees to find homes.


The unintentional tourist, found near Adrigole, presumed fell out of car engine onto road.

Cool Paw Luke

Fiesty lil fella turned up in my back garden on market day.


Wee worried fella found jammed under a car in Bantry.

BJ the Stray

Lil Beagley JRT stray that popped up on the first spring market day in Bantry.


Poor lil seal pup looking for love just after Valentine's Day

Winter Transport

I took three kittens and one dog up north to three different homes this November. Great to be part of so many happy endings at once!

Toffee Jan 2014

Jennifer asked me to transport this brave little puppy up to Midleton for specialist surgery.

KLAWS March 2013

Five dogs set off to the UK today to find their forever homes. I had the pleasure of helping them along the first leg of their journey.

UK Trips

I’ve been taking Irish rescue kittens to the UK since 2007 for different rescue organisations including RAWR, SNIP and Cork CAT.

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