The Sweethearts

Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice

I’m just fostering the Sweethearts for Cork CAT while Ann’s on holiday – loving the tinies! Sugar, Spice, Honey and Fitz – just don’t ask me which is which! Not for a few days anyway – they just arrived at mine as I write this.


The Dance of the Fly Catcher

Reality shifts as Honey chases a fly. I was watching Seraphim Falls coincidentally – and the music made the ballet complete.


All Things Nice

Sugar & Spice found their wonderful forever home together, thanks to RAWR. But Honey and Fitz liked mine so much they decided to stay on for a wee while longer.


More All Things Nice

It’s so difficult to get decent pics of black kittens sometimes, so I made a special effort with Fitz so he could find his forever home with Honey. Imagine my surprise when I found a potentially fantastic forever home for the pair through Liz at Pat O Sullivan’s, one of our local vets. Liz is great for finding us fab homes – big thanks to her! And Honey and Fitz are off for their trial week on Thursday. Fingers crossed for them.


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