Autumn 2013

Kerry KLAWS are inundated with felines and simply don’t have the fosterers to care for them. I’ve managed to take some of the overload. Starting with these guys. More details to come!


They’re Here!

The guys came down to mine from Kenmare on Tuesday 22nd October.



A lush black boy of around 3 years. Who could resist his beautimous eyes?



A sweet wee 4/5 month old girl. Lil bit shy at first but warms up within … erm … think it was about three minutes.



A fantabulous tabby boy of 2 or 3 years. Very friendly big guy.


Maggie in Her Lovely New Home

Maggie went to a lovely, lovely home on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula, sharing her new life with one blind cat, one dog and several ducks.


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