Gasket aka Inky

In Memoriam

Inky 1998 – 25/6/2014

I said goodbye to Inky today. She’d had various health problems recently, mostly related to her age, and so her last visit to the vet was not entirely unexpected. And yet I had not thought it would be today. She was a most affectionate and happy cat and will be sorely missed.

On Arrival

Obviously neglected for a while before she got stuck in a car engine, taken in by Brookpark Vets in Dunmanway – and residing with us till she puts on enough condition for rehoming. Meet Gasket.


At Mine, Waiting to Go Home

Through her microchip we found the girls Gasket had grown up with – now in their twenties, living in London. Her real name is Inky.

Inky’s going home.


Video for Inky’s Girls

Am not the best movie maker, but I put this together for Inky’s girls. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen her.


Looking Good!

We had a bit of a hiccup on the going home front – the UK trips have been postponed for a while, so Inky’s staying with me for a while longer. Just thought ye’d like a wee update – she’s looking less like a street waif and more like a house cat every day.


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