New Arrivals from KLAWS

*** Sooty, Dana & Janine, Maggie REHOMED *** Flame still desperately seeking ***

*** Quick Update – also very latest arrivals, fulsome fluffster sisters Dana & Janine ***

Maggie, Flame and Sooty are here! And they’re looking for their forever homes. So get in touch if you’d like to meet any of these delectable felines.

A quick intro, till I get to know them better:

  • Maggie‘s a sweet wee 4/5-month-old girl. Lil bit shy at first but warms up within … erm … think it was about three minutes.
  • Flame‘s a fantabulous tabby boy of 2 or 3 years. An extremely friendly gentle giant.
  • Sooty‘s a lush black boy of around 3 years. He has a fetching white chest – and who could resist his beautimous eyes?

The guys came down from KLAWS in Kenmare today, to stay for a wee while and have some roaming space in my kitten rooms. I thought I might be picking up a few more felines and packed the van with comfy carry cages – but only these three had been fully vaccinated, so I’ve less company than I’d anticipated.

Surprisingly, no complaints on the windey (and windy) way over the mountains (I love the route tween Bantry and Kenmare – it always fills my heart) and everyone piled into their new accommodations with very little fuss. Sooty was first out and sat on my lap in shock. I got a couple of nuzzles and he seemed well content until …

I let Maggie out next. Uh oh. Sooty Does Not Want company – oops! We’ll see how serious he is about that over time – it may just be the strangeness of the environment – or he may well just prefer his own company. Either way, he just looks at the other two with disgust, rather than anything more active, so they’re fine sharing for the moment – and they’ve plenty space to avoid each other if they want to. Maggie was in eek!-mode and ran for cover immediately – plenty cover in the kitten rooms so felines can hide until they feel safe. She started off under the cage and ended up on the heater behind the elevated bed. But within about three minutes she was out exploring the room – and giving me purrs and headbutts. She’s a real chatty wee thing so I’m hoping to get some crackin photos. Sweetie!

Lastly Flame came bounding out to join the others. Not a bother on him! Interested in the other two, he wasn’t offended at Sooty’s standoffishness, and looks like he’ll be amenable to Maggie’s attempts at friendship. Off he went to explore every corner of the room – coming back to me to touch base every so often. He’s another one that makes faces for the camera so I’m looking forward to spending some time with him.

Back to Sooty again, to see how he’s getting on – sulking. And sulking some more, lol. He’s delighted to spend time with me, and is a truly lush boy, very handsome, with big beautimous eyes to melt into. He’s less happy about the others, but we’ll see how that goes and keep ye posted.

And, as I said in the beginning – get in touch if you’d like to meet any of these delectable felines! They’re currently based in Bantry – and they’d LOVE to meet you!

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    • Two days later and Sooty has made friends with both of them. Maggie made friends with the two boys straight away, but wee girls are like that. Never would have thought Soots would warm up but, just given time 😀

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