More Scrumptious Irish Emigrees

29 felines packed their lil bags and emigrated to the UK this weekend. 6 from Animal Advocacy, 11 from Cork CAT, 9 from SNIP and 3 from RAWR. Tis the most I’ve ever transported – we added a seventh hospital cage to the passenger seat area – and everyone was humanely and comfortably transported as usual!

New Start had an open day on the Sunday I was there (they have a queue of homechecked homes and those that haven’t been homechecked reserve a kitten till they are, if you know what I mean) – and fourteen felines were rehomed, eleven from Ireland (and all of my guys except Scree, who was a bit tired from the journey and wanted to stay for a while). Tis wonderful to meet the people who are adopting the kittens – and some adopters and fosterers have already friended me on facebook – and I’ve Already seen photos of the furrbabies in their new homes!!! Is fantastic!!!!!

As always, great to see Jackie and Wendy – and this time I met four of their rather splendid volunteers. I had a great time, yet again, and was hugely impressed by the enthusiasm and wonderfulness of New Start’s people. And their whisky 😉

Will have to leave it up to New Start to mark up who’s homed already – and who’s who! Enjoy :))))

And very nearly forgot to mention … Humungous thanks go out to Dave (who helped me set up the van) and Kathryn (who helped me take down and clean and defumigate everything – took us three hours!). Can’t express how much it was appreciated – my two least favourite jobs, lol. *schmoo*

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