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Originally published 5/5/13

Jen was away at the vet nurse conference up in Mullingar this weekend – so Maple came to stay with me for a few days. Nope, she’s still not found her forever home 🙁 And I have no idea why – she’s a crackin wee thing!

Jen’s done a grand job training her – Maple comes when she’s called, sits and lies (the horizontal kind as opposed to the dishonest kind – very honest dog!) on command, goes to her bed and sits quietly when asked to – a very, very obedient girl. And totally devoted – given the chance she’ll sit on your lap, but either way she wants to be beside you every minute possible. She’s grand travelling in the van – and actually seems to love a wee journey. Grand dog all round.

If you’re interested in adopting Maple, email Jennifer or call her on 085 774 3549. Both would love to hear from you!

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  2. Fabulous to hear Maple has a new home. Thankyou, Madelene and Jimmy for giving her such a good chance.
    Thanks also to Muriel, Jen and everyone in Ireland who Maple-sat. <3

  3. Hi! We have adopted Maple to Sweden! I googled “Maple the staffie” and found this site.
    She now lives in Sweden and is a loved family member. We are so happy we adopted her in november this year.
    We would like to know a little about her background, we dont know anything besides she’s from Ireland.
    She is so wellbehaved and adorable. We also have a one year old staffie boy, they are best friends.
    Please contact us, we would appreciate it! Madelene & Jimmy /Sweden

    • How great to hear from you Madelene & Jimmy!!!! And great to hear Maple’s got a great new home.

      Maple was found in April 2013 by friends of mine, abandoned in Bantry and the start of her story with us and everything we know about her prior to that is at this link I fostered her for a short while and she was then taken in by RAWR ( and Jennifer looked after her till she went to Sweden. I fostered her briefly for Jen and wrote the wee write up you’ve commented on.

      Jen can be contacted through – and I’ll point her to your comment here too.

      You can find photos and other links relating to Maple at the links listed under Related Links on both posts.

      You can contact me on – I’d love to see photos of Maple in her new home with her new friend – and I’d also love to post her happy ending here if you didn’t mind! What a great start to the new year – it’s always great to hear my fosterers happy endings 😀 Thank you!

    • HI Madelene, delighted to hear Maple is doing well, she’s an absolute sweetheart and one of the most easy going dogs I’ve ever dealt with. So happy for her that she got a home, I had her for about 6 months or so and so may people passed her by because she’s a staffie, I felt so bad for her. Thank you so much for adopting her!

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