Maple Rehomed

Lil happy ending to share witcha.

Remember Maple Syrup? Friends of mine found her wandering (dumped) on Bantry square in April last year and I fostered her for a short while before RAWR took her in. An absolute softie, no home could be found for Maple – because of her breed and the ridiculous reputation that goes with it. Six months later and still no home found, Maple started looking further afield. With the help of DAWG, she packed her bags and bravely sallied forth to Sweden, where staffie’s are welcomed. And there she found her forever home!

Needless to say, I was delighted to hear from Madelene, Maple’s new guardian. Madelene was originally just looking for more info on Maple’s background, but she also recently emailed me with some FAB pics – showing Maple and her new best pal. I love hearing my fosterees happy endings – and particularly love photos. In this instance I have to say Maple looks a very, very happy dawg – and also looks like she’s found her BFF. Made My Day!

Here’s Maple’s happy ending in Madelene’s words

She now lives in Sweden and is a loved family member. We are so happy we adopted her in November this year. She is so well behaved and adorable. We also have a one year old staffie boy, they are best friends.

We would be happy if you published her story on your site, so people can see that good dogs can be rescued. It’s the best decision we have ever taken! She is a very grateful and happy dog. I send you some pictures of her and her new littlebrother 🙂


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