Lost & Found Calico Charmer

*** SORTED ***

This scruffy lil calico charmer was found on the Glengarriff Rd in Bantry in the past couple of days. She’s a fabulous furball of snorgalitiousnesses and may be stray. It’s also possible she’s travelled in a car – so spread the word round the wider area in case anyone’s missing their three or four month old calico girl. One of my neighbours took her in, but couldn’t hold on to her. And I took her round to RAWR today. They’ll be looking for her people over the next few days – but if no-one comes forward they’ll assume she’s been dumped and lil CC will be looking for her forever home.

The wee darlin was darting around so much, gagging for attention, that I didn’t get a single decent photo. She’s a little mucky round the edges from her adventure, but she looks healthy and is a real pet. The vet will check her tonight or tomorrow and, if we don’t find her people, she’ll be waiting for you!

So get in touch if you’d like to know more. Call Jen on 085 774 3549 – and if you don’t get a reply please text her – she doesn’t often get a chance to call back, but your text will be answered. Alternatively get in touch with me here or on facebo0k.


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