Lor & Lou Join the Gang

Two more kittens from KLAWS, Lor and Lou, are around six months old, fully vaccinated and neutered. They are devoted to each other and would like to be homed together.

Lor & Lou are Full of Beans – a fab, fun pair who are equally fond of play and snorgles. They are sooooo much fun I can’t get a decent pic of the pair of them  – they’re either moving or blurred, Lou especially. They joined us on Monday and dived into the gang looking for friends. Lor was rather taken with Snowy who has been open to approach. And Lou just dived on everyone.

Granville has shown himself to be not the slightest bit bothered by other cats – and gave the boys a wee groom to be sure they look nice for the pictures. Andi and Poek were both a bit discombobulated – but settled pretty quick.

So we now have a gang of six! Six more coming on from Kenmare on Thursday. And Tyson and Cait Dubh are joining the gang from Kate’s same day. I’m going to have Full House! But it means nearly everyone will know each other before the trip, which makes for happy travelling – and happy landings on the other side.


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