Limerick Greyhounds Update

From Greyhound Safe

There cannot be many Greyhound advocates now who do not know of the slain Greyhounds, found in April 2012 at a disused quarry on the outskirts of Limerick, Ireland.

Within 24 hours of the grim discovery the ‘identification markings on two of the animals were still intact’ enabling the Bord na gCon (Irish Greyhound Board) to identify the owners.

‘According to the spokesperson for Bord na gCon … the animals were shot in the head.

Under the Welfare of Greyhounds Act, a greyhound can only be euthanised by a registered veterinary surgeon.

It is understood that the owners could be prosecuted for one of a number of breaches of the Welfare of Greyhounds Act and there are possible ramifications for illegal dumping.’

Just over a year later, on Thursday 25th April 2013, John Corkery was fined €800 after 2 of the 6 greyhounds found were traced back to him. The €800 fine was of a €300 fine for forging his son’s name as the registered owner and a €500 for a failure to notify any transfer of ownership.

‘He told gardai he saw nothing wrong with shooting a dog in the head as it is over in seconds just like an injection’

‘John Corkery refused to say who had shot the dogs and an investigation is ongoing to bring this person to justice.’

In a statement from the IGB – the IGB ‘welcomed the successful prosecution’ going on to say:

‘This first ever prosecution under the Welfare of Greyhounds Act 2011, which the IGB helped develop, sets a strong precedent for the future and should further reinforce our tough stance against any potential transgressors.’

There is NO mention of any suspension of Mr Corkery’s licence – indeed, despite the IGB identifying the owners last year, Mr Corkery had continued to own, and have his Greyhounds racing, up to 6 days before the hearing.

€800 fine for allowing Greyhounds to be shot because of not showing an ‘ability to chase the hare’ or because of ‘injury’.

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There’s not really a great deal I can add – Greyhound Safe have pretty much covered it. But I can highlight a few things relevant to the Limerick greyhounds:

  • From this it looks like no-one’s been prosecuted for the actual killings. And John Corkery doesn’t seem to have been fined or sentenced or penalised in any way for withholding that information – which he seems to have admitted to knowing.
  • The IGB seem to think the prosecution ‘sets a strong precedent for the future’ and ‘reinforce[s their] tough stance against … transgressors’ – erm … run that by me again … not too convinced of that one – more like ‘weak’ and ‘wimpy’ if you ask me.
  • Keep in mind, from my reading of the other articles, it looks like this investigation wouldn’t even have happened, let alone the prosecution, if Limerick Animal Welfare hadn’t highlighted the case and pushed the guards into following it up. Legislation’s not much use without enforcement, doncha know.
  • Nothing mentioned about illegal dumping of the bodies.
  • Is the compulsory microchipping of dogs (coming soon allegedly) going to make this kind of follow up and prosecution easier? Or will it lead to more cruelty as owners dig out the chips? Probably both.

What You Can Do

from Greyhound Safe

On the 15th April Mrs Striffler, MEP, along with 11 other signatories, submitted the Written Declaration 0006/2013 for putting an immediate stop to the torture and mistreatment of Greyhounds in Europe. Just 200 hundred words that can have a great impact on the lives of many greyhounds – this Written Declaration will lapse on 15th July 2013.

If a majority of MEP’s support this Written Declaration there is real chance of real change.

Please now take a moment to write to the UK/Irish MEP’s – you can use Greyhound Safe’s sample letter and may find the relevant information on their pages more than useful [Update 20/4/15 – apologies, this info is no longer available].

Greyhound Statistics for Ireland 2012

Produced by, publicised by Rescue Animals Ireland. I hope you’ll be shocked by the fact that over 50% of greyhounds taken in by most pounds are killed – 6 pounds killed 100% of the greys they took in. Read em and weep.

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