ISPCA Legal Handbook

The ISPCA have produced a legal handbook to make Irish animal welfare legislation more accessible to everyone. You can download the full document from their site. Do note though, that it’s not been updated in line with recent legislation.

Here, for your delectation, are the link to the full document on their site, the Forward and the Table of Contents:

ISPCA Legal Handbook

by Carrie Jane Canniffe B.L., David Burke B.L., Barra Faughnan B.L.


This legal handbook has been produced with many people in mind: members, and especially secretaries, of local SPCA`s, local and national animal welfare Inspectors, other animal welfare bodies in Ireland, and particularly the Garda Siochána, who have the statutory authority over animal welfare in this country, and to whom we are all greatly indebted for their work in enforcing the laws that protect animals. It is our hope that this book will make it easier for everyone concerned to prevent cruelty, and to foster a climate in which all animals are respected and protected from abuse.

On behalf of the ISPCA I would like to thank the legal team which produced it and to express our appreciation of their thoroughness and dedication.

Angela McCarthy
Chairperson ISPCA

Table of Contents of the Legal Document

Chapter 1 Protection of Animals from Acts of Cruelty. » Questions and Answers.

Chapter 2 Alleviation of suffering of Abandoned or Straying Animals. » Questions and Answers.

Chapter 3 Confinement of Animals & Proper Maintenance of Pounds.» Questions and answers

Chapter 4 Protection of Animals kept for Farming purposes.» Questions and Answers.

Chapter 5 Protection of Animals kept for Sale (Marts, pet shops, transport) » Questions and Answers.

Chapter 6 Transport of Animals.» Questions and Answers.

Chapter 7 Preventing the Administration of Poison & Illegal Substances to Animals.» Questions and Answers.

Chapter 8 Operations on Animals.» Questions and Answers.

Chapter 9 Regulation of Animal Slaughter. » Questions and Answers.

Chapter 10 Protection of Performing Animals.» Questions and Answers.

Chapter 11 Control & Protection of Dogs. » Questions and Answers.

Chapter 12 Control & Protection of Horses.» Questions and Answers.

Chapter 13 Control and Protection of Bulls.» Questions and Answers.

Chapter 14 Hunting & the Protection of Wildlife. Questions and Answers.

Appendix: Selected Statutes concerning Animals.

Chronological Table of Statutes.

Chronological Table of Statutory Instruments.

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