Larry’s Therapy

Poor Larry was rather snot ridden when he arrived. Antibiotics prescribed, he was still having a wee bit of trouble breathing.

The vet had wondered if it was possible to do the equivalent of a Vics steaming-hot-water-basin-with-towel-over-head equivalent – like mum used to force me to do when I’d trouble breathing (bless her). We didn’t think Larry would submit to that – didn’t even try it, lol. But the humane pussycat equivalent was easy enough.

We’d had a beautiful sunny day, so my water was piping hot (I love my solar panels!) and I ran a splendid large, steamy bath and put a few drops of eucalyptus in there – not too much though, as cats’ noses are more sensitive than ours and I didn’t want to do more damage than good. My bathroom’s not very big and it was full of eucalyptus steam in next to no time. Fetched Larry in there, hopped in the bath, camera at the ready. Larry immediately hunted down and settled in to a – guess what? – BOX (it’s a cat thing), right beside the bath, coming over for a (rather wet) nuzzle from time to time. And treatment was easy peasy.

I wiped his poor nose down every so often – he wasn’t too keen on that, but surely appreciated it by the end of bath time. No snot! Wonderful!!! And I left him in the steamy room for the night to make the most of it. Nasal passages much, much clearer in the morning – and we’ll re-treat from time to time to keep things that way.

A very effective complementary treatment, so long as only a wee bit of eucalyptus is used – but, please note, NOT a replacement for veterinary treatment.

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