Larry’s Here!

I picked up Larry on Tuesday, now fully vaccinated and ready to spend a wee bit of time with me till he finds his forever home. He’s still a bit snotty, so won’t actually be looking for his new home till that clears up, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce you to this lovely, affectionate puss.

Larry’s FIV positive, which is why he’s having a wee bit of trouble throwing off the snots (low immune system) – but with time, care and patience he’ll be as good as new in no time. And he’s well worth the effort! Absolutely delighted to have a room to himself (we’ll keep him separate until he’s better), he’s been bombing up and down the room and the floor to ceiling scratching post with the energy of a teenage kitten. And stuffing his face with food. And headbutting me. And demanding belly rubs like there’s no tomorrow! He’s a joy to hang out with.

Larry’s two years old, neutered, standard and FeLV vaccinated, soon to be microchipped and will be looking for his new home in a few weeks.

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Larry’s Gallery

The route between Kenmare and Bantry is too beautiful for words at the best of times – in the sunshine it’s just stunning. Couldn’t resist a few pics of my fave places en route: Glengarriff generally, the Old Church Cafe (can’t find a website), the Eccles Hotel, the Bamboo Park and the views all the way. And there’s a few pics of Lush Larry in there too!

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