Larry’s a big, handsome, affectionate ginger tom with whiskers to die for. He came from Abbeyfeale where his guardian was unable to cope with her colony of 14 cats. If she’d neutered the original pair she wouldn’t have had a problem. Now she’s passed her problem on to poor Larry – he needs a new home!

And Larry has special needs – he’s FIV positive AND he has a lil head tilt. Find out more about FIV here. Neither of these special needs should stand in the way of Larry finding a loving home – both mean that his health needs to be monitored, and he needs a wee bit extra loving (just because he deserves it!).

Larry was taken in by KLAWS and is staying with them until he’s fully vaccinated. He’ll then move in with me till we find him his forever home – should be another coupla weeks, and I’ll get a pile more photos and info when he gets here. In the meantime, do get in touch if you’d like to know more about Larry.

As Toni, from KLAWS, said

He so deserves some love for as long as he has here – like us all, eh?

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